Smooth and simple facade planning for architects, clients and investors: we are at your service for every phase of a project – design, planning and execution. Our team’s years of experience and range of skills ensure that even the most ambitious facades can be delivered on time, on budget and just as you planned.


We will consult with you to find the best materials and most suitable construction techniques, always using state-of-the-art solutions. Our long experience in construction and structural engineering allows us to give you a cost estimate even at this early stage. In later phases of the project we can draw up specifications and inventory for delivery and installation.


We are always ready to talk over the complexities of the construction process, and we have an open ear for client requests and suggestions.

The key factors for any project are the building and its materials, weather conditions, and the landscape or built environment. Using these parameters, we can build a direct project model to explore several variant solutions for your needs. We will work closely with you at every stage of the project, always at your service from application and building permit to final details.


Our powerful 3D software tool, Digital Project from Gehry Technologies, allows us to envision even the most geometrically complex designs and plan the building process. We instruct your contractors with highly detailed plans, inventory and installation schematics. Digital project planning keeps pace with the construction process every step of the way to maximise planning efficiency and minimise error.


We have years of experience working with design teams and with building contractors, and we know both sides of the project delivery process. We will serve as your liaison to contractors, to guarantee a smooth and simple build.


Specialist supervision is available at the building stage, to save time and money by solving any problems that may arise on site.


Even if you don’t have a plan yet – no problem. We design facades and whole buildings, and can supply you with visualisations at all stages of the project to simplify the decision-making process for you and your clients.

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